Sandwich Beta

Combine files into a PDF

Coming soon! – See the progress in


Sandwich combines multiple files into a single PDF. Whether they’re png, jpeg, or PDF, Sandwich will convert the format and merge them into a single PDF, so you don’t need to operate individually. Sandwich shows you the page thumbnails, and you can arrange the documents and pages before creating the file. Sandwich helps you speedily prepare PDF files you need.

Locally operated

Sandwich runs locally in your computer. You do not need to worry about your important files copied in the cloud database. No signing up is required. Your privacy is protected.

Easy drag and drop

Using Sandwich is easy. Just drag and drop your files into the window, and change the page order by moving the thumbnails.

What’s included in Beta

  • Available files: PNG, JPEG, PDF
  • Editable page order
  • Remove pages from the PDF – coming soon